Client Challenges

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There are a number of challenges and scenarios reflected within the profile of our client searches. In every case, our Needs Assessment process accurately builds a customized Client Specification Profile. Understanding the unique issues and needs of clients allows us then to create a Candidate Profile that provides optimal support by ensuring that the candidate’s values, strongest talents, and current life priorities are aligned with the client’s needs, priorities, values, and corporate culture. 

Below are samples of some common challenges and scenarios in the EA Support world:

Moving Too Fast to Be Able to Define Critical Support Needs

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, many organizations grow rapidly in the technology world. There is a cycle of “24/7” commitment for Founders and key initial employees. The company develops a product, financing begins, and the organizations’ pace presses on at the speed of light. The Founder must now become a strategic leader, yet continues with their “founding habits” of doing everything themselves. They are likely to have the habits of micro-managing and resisting the need to delegate.

This is a pinnacle moment for the Founder and now CEO: Become more strategic and leave the minutiae of the business behind. They must learn to delegate responsibility and trust others with the development of infrastructure, maintenance, and cross-functional detail management in this new entity. They must realize that the right executive support at this moment will be one of their most critical hires, which is often referred to as "Command Central."

EASearch has extensive experience in assessing the unique support needs of every client. We help the client identify the professional support person who can manage short-term operational demands, as well as process development that is flexible and developed for longer-term strategic challenges.

Needing to Replace the "Irreplaceable"

Some people are fortunate to have found the support that became an invaluable partner and who is perceived as being absolutely integral to the success and peace of mind of the manager, as well as the organization. A day may come when the “invaluable” EA has to leave.  Many executives don’t really know the details of what that person actually did and how it was that they experienced seamless support for such a long time.

In-depth interviews with the “irreplaceable employee," the executive, and relevant team members all will be foundational in building a comprehensive Position Profile for a successful replacement.

EASearch assesses the current needs of the position and identifies the key intangibles that are needed in a professional in order to replace someone who has developed the long-term trust and expertise of a successful EA partnership. While we appreciate that this executive/personal support professional is in many ways irreplaceable, we bring an expert and intuitive clarity to the assessment that helps us determine what intangibles are needed to build on the strength of the previous long-term support relationship.

You Don’t Need to Do It All

Do you ever feel as though you are in a kind of “quicksand”  – no matter how hard you work, you are never caught up? Are you beginning to drop a few balls? Is there never enough time in your day? It may be time to give yourself permission to find the right help. Some people have thrived and survived very well – in the beginning – without executive support. Many of us are multi-talented and can function self-sufficiently successfully. But this will definitely change as we become more successful. Old habits die hard. There is a certain element of pride many people take in not “needing help," but there are tell-tale signs that they do: forgetting a meeting or not returning calls, misdirected emails, a “to-do” list that just grows, and equally as bad – the inability to live a balanced and healthy life.

EASearch has extensive experience in assessing the short- and longer-term needs of senior-level executives and high-profile individuals who have not had executive-level support before. We function as professional “matchmakers” in the search for the right support configuration that will provide enduring effectiveness for transforming both work and life. Over the years, we have received many notes from individuals, leadership teams, and boards thanking us for finding the right professional support for people who then experienced increased productivity, as well as peace of mind.

High Rate of Support Position Turnover

Turnover in the C-Suite support staff is extremely costly on many levels. When there is chronic turnover in a senior-level support position, it is generally because there was not enough due diligence given ahead of each hire to assure that the right match was made.

EASearch’s expertise is based on understanding the leader/executive in both personal and professional ways, as deeply as possible. There must be transparent communication about their functional needs, standards, values, issues, and even idiosyncrasies and how that position can facilitate corporate and personal goals. A leader’s priorities – and challenges – must be explored to be able to customize a successful search. For candidate selection, in addition to the candidate’s relevant skills and experience, intangibles such as priorities relative to work, energy, intelligence, sense of humor, and values are all relevant to creating the right match.

Ultimately, when the match is right, a lasting and mutually beneficial partnership is formed.