Frequently Asked Questions

We Have Your Answers

With more than 30 years of experience in consulting, coaching, and support training with Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant, and general support recruitment, we have the passion, contacts, and expertise to create the most effective, customized support solutions for our clients.

What client services do you offer?

EASearch, LLC  is a full-service consulting and search firm specializing in customized C-suite and executive-level support, with expertise in assessing all aspects of Executive Support needs.

We also offer executive coaching for enhanced effectiveness, leadership development, and increased access to full potential with extraordinary results.

What is an Executive Support Professional (ESP)?

Depending on the size and the support requirements of a company, the definition of "executive support" will vary. We match clients and candidates based on a comprehensive EASearch Needs Assessment protocol.

ESPs are always high-level, experienced professionals. Different company sizes and industries have varying hiring requirements and titles for their positions: Executive Assistants, Business Partners, Administrative Managers, Chiefs of Staff, Chief Executive Assistants, or the “Command Central” employee at the center of operational support.

What differentiates EASearch from other placement agencies?

We are retained by our client companies. The EASearch process includes customized assessment, recruiting, and high-level executive coaching and consulting which utilizes multiple methods for searches – including direct sourcing, internet customized media, as well as our proprietary database of senior-level professionals – in order to deeply match clients with the very best support.

We also provide the option as needed for ongoing executive coaching to help ensure lasting productive relationships, enhance communication, and build collaboration.

Who are EASearch candidates?

After decades of experience in Executive Assistant and Executive Support Professional placements, EASearch has developed a proprietary, dynamic database of the highest caliber candidates and relevant contacts.

Who are EASearch clients?

Clients come from all industries and company sizes, as well as high-profile individuals. Our client base is widely diverse, ranging from start-ups to multi-national public companies. We have several clients in the not-for-profit world as well, including foundations, independent schools, and global non-government organizations.

What if I don’t know exactly what I need?

Don’t worry - the EASearch Needs Assessment will answer this question. We may recommend a specific search, company reorganization, coaching, training, or other support services. You will receive a customized solution, perfectly matched to your needs.

Please call us at 415-331-0269 or email to discuss the possibilities.