Our EASearch Candidates

The EASearch Candidate Network Includes the Highest Caliber of Executive Support Professionals

At EASearch, we pride ourselves on knowing and recruiting the best of the profession. We assess our candidates as carefully as we do our clients to create the most enduring and deeply matched placements for Executive Support Professionals.

We want to know who our candidates are as people in the workplace and exactly what it is they are seeking in their work. We believe that it is their values, strongest talents, and current life priorities relative to work that create the unique configuration of “right” work for each person.

Review our Career Autobiography worksheet that allows us to understand a candidate's values, priorities, and strongest talents, skills, and abilities so that we know what has to be present in their next work opportunity for them to be in their “right work."

What Candidates Are Saying About Leni Miller & EASearch

"As a fan of EA Search and Leni Miller for over 20 years, I can attest to Leni's commitment to you and your job search. Favorite Leni quote: 'Leap and the net will appear.’ She speaks honestly, with integrity, and supports you every step of the way. Leni delves deep and guides you to recognize your strongest talents and gifts, ascertains what is important to you in finding your right work, and then makes sure that the right job aligns with the values set out in her expansive matching process."

 – Jean Francese, EA/Chief of Staff, Alibaba

"Leni is a true pioneer in approaching recruiting as a mutual pairing that deeply reflects core values. She believes that when we find our right work, we live a life we love - further deepening our impact and infusing the companies we work for with positivity and deep joy." 

– Donna Isip, EA, Recurrent

"It didn’t take long to discover that the few agencies making C-suite placements were desk jockeys that had never served 'in the trenches.' They merely matched skills to a job description. EASearch was the only one that possessed the wisdom to assess both candidate and client personalities as a form of corporate matchmaking, creating an impressive record of long-term employment placements. Leni Miller placed me in an amazing position in 2007 that spanned 14 years – the result was the job of a lifetime.   

– Steve Adams, Director of Personal Affairs for the CEO, Gibson-Speno LLC