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Let EASearch leverage your time, productivity, and energy as we expertly match the right executive support with you and your organization. Our well-honed executive search strategy and contact network have been developed over 30+ years so that we can assure your new hire is the right fit.

"Leni is an amazing partner for discovering great senior EA talent. She is strategic, intuitive, hard-working, and committed. She has the most robust and varied pipeline we've encountered and she understands how important 'fit' is for a long-term sustainable partnership."

– Kim Cooper & Brian Thompson, former Executive Business Partners to Eric Schmidt, former Executive Chairman, Alphabet; former Chairman and CEO, Google Inc.

30+ Years of Experience Nationwide

Search & Recruiting for Executive Support

We expertly assess client needs and understand the right configurations to provide excellent support for individuals and organizations of all sizes.

Our Services

The right executive support successfully enhances creativity and increases productivity. Our highly effective, proven Needs Assessment process and search methods are seamlessly integrated to create deeply-matched placements.

Our Clients

Successful business people often have one thing in common: the very right executive, personal, and administrative support, which is the "secret sauce" for sustainable creativity, productivity, and quality of life.

Our Candidates

We thoroughly explore a candidate's experience, life priorities, values, goals, and talents relative to our client's assessed support needs, which results in successful, long-lasting relationships that best serve everyone's needs.


"Leni Miller has a laser focus on finding exceptional Executive Assistants. That is all she does and she has made it an art form. Leni is an extraordinary matchmaker and through a combination of diligent research and keen insight, provides executives with exactly the combination of talent and professionalism that dramatically leverages time and productivity."

Mary Huss
Bay Area President/Publisher, Silicon Valley Business Journal and San Francisco Business Times

"Leni Miller and her team are unequivocally the best for Senior Level Executive Assistant searches, coaching, and consulting. Great service, complete integrity, and uncanny talent in matchmaking. EASearch is in a league of its own."

Deb Weatherby
Owner and CEO, Wetherby Asset Management

Founder and President of EASearch

Leni Miller

With over 30 years of experience and a passionate mission for deeply matching the right Executive Support with leaders from a wide variety of successful endeavors, Leni’s remarkable rate of success reflects her unique talent and skill in the art form of creating lasting and effective support partnerships. Clients can rest assured that Leni leads every search that is accepted.

"Leni Miller understands the skill set necessary to support C-suite executives and has the spot-on ability to match a candidate to a prospective employer on all levels, no matter how unique or diverse. Leni is 5 stars and an exemplar of efficiency and discretion. Definitely worth every penny."

David Roux, Co-Founder, former Chairman and Co-CEO of Silver Lake

"Finding Right Work: Five Steps to a Life You Love" by Leni Miller

In "Finding Right Work: Five Steps to a Life You Love," author Leni Miller guides readers through the process of determining – and finding – the right work for them. With over three decades of experience in the job placement and search business, Leni knows how to find the right match in the workplace. She’s interviewed people from all sectors and by focusing on what worked for them and how those people became successful beyond their dreams, Leni has uncovered a practical process that leads to success.

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