Finding Right Work: Five Steps to a Life You Love by Leni Miller

Finding Right Work

"Finding Right Work: Five Steps to a Life You Love"

“Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Finding Right Work Intro

Imagine creating and manifesting work you really could be doing – work that would energize you and also be work that needs to be done to help make the world a better place!

In her best-selling book, "Finding Right Work: Five Steps to a Life You Love," author Leni Miller guides readers through the process of assessing priorities, values, and strongest talents, skills and abilities. Then readers learn how to actually find their own unique and "right work."

Leni interviewed people from a wide array of industry sectors. She focused on what worked for them and how many of those people became successful beyond their imagination. Everyone shared the common thread of having discovered their own right work after leaving what had become "wrong work." Through this research, Leni uncovered a practical process that leads to the understanding of the parameters of right work, and how embracing the process will ultimately lead to personal success.

With more than three decades of experience in the Executive Support Professional search and consulting job placement business, Leni shares her expertise, outlining the necessary steps in assessing oneself so they may begin the journey to new right work and find the very right match in the workplace.

What You'll Learn

In chapters devoted to each of the five steps, you’ll read about real people who tackled and then mastered these principles. Some suddenly quit their jobs; some were fired. Some worked two jobs while growing their own business or studying for a new career. Others had longer paths, worked multiple jobs over time, and took many detours on their way to their right work.

In the book’s action items, Leni provides a detailed checklist to guide you through the process of discovering and creating your own right work. She has also published a "Finding Right Work" companion self-directed workbook. Click My Work Book to download your personal workbook.

Who Should Read This Book?

Anyone who is:

  • Dreaming of an entirely new challenge that’s more in line with their strongest talents and/or changing priorities

  • Dissatisfied with the direction of their current career and wondering how best to identify what they really want to do next

  • Securing their first job

  • Re-entering the workforce

  • Newly retired from a long career and ready for a new phase

  • Worried that they can’t have work they love and pay the bills?

  • Finding their familiar work world is fast disappearing

  • Sensing a company downsizing


"'Finding Right Work' will brilliantly guide you through discovering and building a great life and your right work. I find myself returning to this book over and over whenever I need some wisdom to help me on my journey.” – Louann Brizendine, M.D., best-selling author of "The Female Brain" and "The Male Brain"

"An extraordinary book for anyone willing to change their situation for the better! I bought this book to give to someone who was just laid off. Expecting to scan it myself before passing it on, I immediately discovered it was relevant to my own situation and soon I became inspired to tackle dream projects I had long ago decided were not feasible. Using true stories of individuals who have bravely changed their lives for the better, Leni Miller outlines detailed steps to take for those willing to put effort into listening to their inner voice.” – Joseph V. Rafferty, former Partner, Private Corporation

"I'm going to start a new job next week, thanks to your HuffPost article about finding right work! A lovely local couple was searching for help in their home office. They interviewed me and wanted references and before I could produce a list, they Googled me and found the article!" – Aggie Pagnillo, photographer (Read Leni's HuffPost article)